INTERMED, for the moment, is linked to the sales and promotion of the products of the following companies: Berlin - Chemie AG (Germany) , Menarini (Italy), Geymonat (Italy), Novo Argentia (Italy), Italfarmaco (Italy), Alkaloid (Macedonia), and Nobel (Turkey). It includes mainly prescription drugs and OTC. Many medicinal target groups are covered.

Berlin - Chemie AG
Representative Office Albania
Rruga e Kavajes, P.3/9/2, Tirane

Nobel Pharmaceuticals
Representative Office Albania
Bulevardi Zogu I, P,55/1 Ap.9

Representative Office Albania
Rruga “Brigada 8”, P,3/6 Ap. 19

Geymonat, Novo Argentia, Italfarmaco are represented directly by INTERMED